Family Royal

At Port Royal, you will have several privileges for your family and children. When you take a step in, you will be taking a step into not only one of the comfortable residences with different types, but also to the warmth of a family with lifelong tranquility.

Considering all the finest details from the rising of the sun to the direction of wind, Port Royal maximizes the tranquility in your home. This detailed section consisted of 2+1 and 3+1 residences suitable to the Turkish family life opens a tranquil window to the Istanbul’s colorful life with its different line.

Active Royal

Designed for those who adopt a fast and active city life and consisted of 1+1 residences, Active Royal meets all your needs with luxurious services and comfortable residences. You can either enjoy a lifelong comfort or enjoy a high earning potential with our rental service.

Gold Royal

Working is as prestigious and privileged as living in Port Royal located at the most advantageous location of Istanbul with its unique privileges and luxurious standards.

Home-office sections available in the Gold Royal block create a pleasant working atmosphere with its technological infrastructure, conference hall to host your business meetings, and Shop Royal offering cafes and restaurants. Location of the project allows you to be in permanent contract with all your domestic and foreign customers.

A1 Block

A2 Block

B Block

Ideal for relieving from the tiredness of day

After a busy working day, it becomes a necessity for everyone to blow off stream and to enjoy the entertainment.

You will enjoy your time with your beloved ones and relieve from the tiredness of day and enrich your spare times with culture and entertainment through the special day celebration room, meeting room, organization room, entertainment room, Playstation and cinema rooms designed comfortably.

Put aside the shopping experience you used to, and prepare yourself with brand new and more pleasant shopping at Port Royal.

Shop Royal will lead the way for an entertaining world next to your house with modern stores, famous brands, cafes and restaurants.

You will relieve from the tiredness of day and will also enjoy hundreds of exclusive brands without getting away from your home.

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